Spatial Information Technology Department

SIAR team specializing in spatial information technology
A SIAR (Spatial Info ARchitects) team specializing in spatial information technology such as spatial scanning, photogrammetry, digital archiving, and digital space and experience design.
The SIAR team will propose and provide the optimal method according to the content of the consultation, as it is becoming important to prepare not only CG but also real-world 3D data in promoting the use of AR/VR/MR. .
[Consultation example]

■We want to create content that utilizes 3D data, but there is no 3D data
■There is a difference between the actual building and BIM/CASD data due to renovation/renovation, etc.
■Content that incorporates elements of the real world rather than full CG production want to produce

平山 智予
Project Manager
藤原 龍
3D Visualization Specialist
長坂 匡幸
Examples of 3D data utilization
Preserve and record the state of facilities and vehicles under various circumstances, such as buildings with high cultural value, new construction, renovation, and scheduled demolition.
Point cloud data/3D model
Preservation of buildings and structures where there are large differences due to renovations and extensions from the completed drawings, buildings and structures that do not have drawings themselves, and things that have changed over time.
Point cloud data/BIM/BIM + texture
Monetization by utilizing the created 3D data assets Monetization
3D models/Model Monetization
Converting the created 3D data into content and utilizing it as a VPS (Visual Positioning System) mapPoint
cloud data/3D model/VPS
We can provide a one-stop service from acquisition of spatial information data to modeling and operation.
3D data deliverable
Point cloud data
3D model
Model Monetization
VPS(Visual Positioning System)

Case list
Vehicle photogrammetry & NFT sales
Tokyo Metro
3D data that faithfully reproduces railway vehicles using photogrammetry technology is revisited for NFT and sold as NFT.
Point Cloud Data/3D Models/Model Monetization
NTT DoCoMo x Mori Building
We were in charge of development cooperation in the demonstration experiment of providing an “XR space” experience that fuses AR and VR experiences.
Point cloud data/3D model/VPS
3D Digital Archive Project
A crowdfunding project that photogrammetrically preserves and records cultural buildings before demolition.
Point Cloud Data/3D Models/Model Monetization
Okimoto Residence Digital Archive
Kokubunji City Hall
Modeling and BIM conversion of the Okimoto Residence, a nationally registered tangible cultural property.
Point cloud data/3D model/BIM/Model Monetization
About Okimoto-House

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